20 years of Community Engagement


Positive Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Members experience opportunities in deliverables and outcomes for success.

Look at Investment properties when was the last time you invested in real property?  Working to help with those difficult challenges every day.

As Investors, we gladly accommodate clients who are hands-on, hands-off, or somewhere in between. According to the needs of our partners. Powers Inc provides complete management services that help our members make the best decision to create personal and business prosperity.

We work to help restore credit personal and business, non-profit development, economic development. Building out the infrastructure of your business with you and providing a platform for you to pitch your idea to other members who are looking for investment opportunities.

We help you to structure your business no matter what the market holds for a more successful outcome.  Become a member today and watch your business take a different turn.

For over 27 years we have served businesses in the community.